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Vita's Kickstarter Games

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Vita's Kickstarter Games

Postby Vita Queen Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:16 pm


As you all know, there have been a lot of games funded on Kickstarter that had Vita releases as a stretch goal. However, where are these games and is there any information on any of them whatsoever? Well, I've investigated as best as I could for a lot of the individual games I'm personally interested in and I came up short until I found these two websites. As you can see, they list the games that have been funded on Kickstarter that have our little black handheld as a future release. The first website is this one while the second one can be located here.

Cross reference the information on both pages and you'll come to a somewhat concrete understanding of the situation regarding the Vita games that are related to Kickstarter. I'm not a fan of indie games, I must admit. I think they're simply nostalgia seeking, poor attempts at making anything worth someone's money. Not to mention that almost all of them are pixel art which quickly wore out its return but I know a lot of you like indie games, so I hope this information comes in handy.

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